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Starting 1 July 1999, tax-free sales of tobacco and alcohol are only available to passengers traveling outside the EU. All other items can, however, be purchased by all passengers, including those traveling within the EU. For certain areas outside the EU’s taxation area, for example Norway, Åland and the Canary Islands, special rules apply. It is also of importance to follow the guidelines provided to you by your travel agency.

Customs Regulations

Use Tullverket’s customs regulations guide to see which rules apply for your trip.

Tullverket’s guide (in Swedish)

Växjö Småland Airport AB

Flygplatsvägen 2
352 50 Växjö, Sweden

Tel +46 470-75 85 00
Fax +46 470-75 85 09


Terminal´s Opening Hours

Monday 06:00-19:15
Tuesday 06:00-22:15
Wednesday 05:15-22:15
Thursday 05:15-20:15
Friday 08:30-17:30
Saturday 09:15-10:30 17:30-20:30
Sunday 13:00-17:45