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Our Vision

With knowledge, joy and commitment, our goal is to create Småland’s leading airport, a springboard of opportunities. 

What are we?

We are an imporant and essential part of the infrastructure of Småland.
We are a key part of making the development of the region possible.
We are Småland’s leading airport.

What do we do?

We increase the appeal of the region.
We ensure that Småland’s residents have opportunities to travel into the world and that the world has opportunities to travel to Småland.
We provide opportunities for both leisure and business.

How do we do it?

We offer new possibilities for all our customers, on both landside and airside.
We do this with knowledge, joy and commitment, regardless of our roles within the organization.
We see future challenges with the airline industry as possibilities to work together to find the best possible solutions for everyone.

In short…

Whatever our passengers’ travel desires might be, we are the starting point.
Whatever our partners’ goals may be, we aim to provide the necessary opportunities to help them succeed.

Our Core Values


Knowledge about the airline industry and its developments and opportunities make us an attractive business partner. Joy in you what you do creates a positive environment for both us at the airport and our customers and partners and this inspires everyone to continue developing. Commitment that is required to work through all challenges and succeed.

Växjö Småland Airport AB

Flygplatsvägen 2
352 50 Växjö, Sweden

Tel +46 470-75 85 00
Fax +46 470-75 85 09


Terminal´s Opening Hours

Monday 06:00-19:15
Tuesday 06:00-22:15
Wednesday 05:15-22:15
Thursday 05:15-20:15
Friday 08:30-17:30
Saturday 09:15-10:30 17:30-20:30
Sunday 13:00-17:45