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Taxfree Shop

Our taxfree shop can be found directly after passing airport security and is open in connection with all departures. Passengers traveling domestically and within the EU are free to make purchase from our collection of perfumes/colognes, skin care products, candy and souvenirs. Passengers traveling outside the EU can also purchase alcohol and tobacco at attractive taxfree prices.

It is also possible for all passengers to purchase coffee, cold drinks and sandwiches which can be taken onboard.

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Växjö Småland Airport AB

Flygplatsvägen 2
352 50 Växjö, Sweden

Tel +46 470-75 85 00
Fax +46 470-75 85 09


Terminal´s Opening Hours

Monday 06:00-19:15
Tuesday 06:00-22:15
Wednesday 05:15-22:15
Thursday 05:15-20:15
Friday 08:30-17:30
Saturday 09:15-10:30 17:30-20:30
Sunday 13:00-17:45